Elle Necklace (7 Colour Options)
Elle Necklace (7 Colour Options)

Elle Necklace (7 Colour Options)

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Elle Necklace

For one month, starting 13th April 2014, 100% of the money made from the sale of any Elle necklace was donated in honour of a dear friend Elle Payne. Elle suffered long and hard with depression and sadly on the 6th of April her life was cut short due to this horrible illness really taking control of her actions. Elles family; Sylvia, Glenn and Ruby  decided that all funds they have raised will be going towards Beyond Blue and Lifeline - this was my way and also a way for you to contribute to these charities to help raise awareness to mental illness. In the end, I raised $9200 to donate to the charities. We are so happy with the result.. we also decided to include " R U OK" into the donation pool.


Thank you for everyone who purchased, may the memory of Elle live on forever.


Elle had originally designed this necklace when Emeldo first begun and this style has always been named the Elle. It only seemed fitting to do this for her.


Thank you for your support.


Love Emily

Product Details:


Style name: Elle Blue Necklace by Emeldo

Black stretch rope, vibrant colour feature with gold coiled up the side and clips up at back with a silver coloured nickel clip

Approximate length (refer to length guide): short

by Emeldo Design

Elle Necklace (7 Colour Options)
Elle Necklace (7 Colour Options)