Trolley Token // Dark Pink Glitter with Mauve Flower



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Always forgetting your $1 or $2 coin for the shopping trolley or just never carry coins in general?

Introducing the most convenient little keyring for your car keys, to leave in your car or clip to your bag...

The little glitter token can slot into all $1 slot of the standard Australian shopping trolleys! Tried and tested of course.

A cute black evil eye heart as a pretty little addition on a sturdy gold coloured brass clasp.

NOTE: Do not allow your heavy keys to hang from the token whilst its in the trolley, its a 3mm standard acrylic and isn't made of magic to support the weight load of heavy keys so UNCLIP the whole keyring from your keys before inserting into the trolley.

11.5cm long!

made in the studio in Rye!


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